There are many different moving components in your vehicle. Your car's ignition is responsible for a smooth start each time you push the "start engine" button or turn the key to start the ignition. A healthy ignition provides a great driving experience and enhances fuel efficiency. A poorly performing ignition system affects your car in a variety of ways. Here are some signs your ignition requires service.

Most cars will tell you when there's a problem. Pay attention to your car's dashboard because it's usually the first indication you'll have when something's wrong. If the dashboard lights in your car flicker often, there may be a problem with the ignition. Your dashboard lights may flicker or shut off suddenly, sometimes while your car is in motion.

Another sign your ignition requires service is when your key won't turn. A bad ignition switch can keep your key from turning to start the engine. Make sure there aren't other issues that can cause the same problems with your car, such as a locked steering wheel.

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